Where I’m at…and a Recipe for Kind of Spectacular Bowl of Stuff

I’ve had quite an adjustment over the past months, trying to figure out how to make the best of my time…how to fit in all the things I want to do to stay healthy…how to stick to a study schedule that is realistic. It’s for that reason I decided (after one blog post!) to put my blog on hold. However, I think I’m finally getting a hold on things, and I’ve been having fun publishing some of my adventures in the kitchen on my Vegan Em facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/veganemma), and I’ve decided that as well as doing that, I will start using this space to publish some of those recipes/food thoughts – and go back to my original idea of writing about some of the things I am learning and some of the ideas I am going through as I step my way along this new path. That way I can at least FIND the recipes I am publishing. 🙂

So to kick this off, let me talk a little bit about where I am now…6 months into my 2 programs – the RHN program with Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, as well as the Certificate Program with the School of Natural Cookery. I’m loving both programs, but for completely different reasons. The RHN program is pretty intense – there’s a lot of information to take in, and I’m learning more about health and the human body and mind than I ever thought I would know – and here I am just scratching the surface! It’s very humbling, and inspiring at the same time. But you know what my primary takeaway is so far? That being healthy really isn’t complicated. There’s so much out there, and even in the books I am reading there is some conflicting information about the “best” way to live your life. But there are several things that they all seem to agree on:

1) That everyone is different, and the most important thing you can do for your health is listen to your own body.

2) That you really are what you eat – and that means what you do (and don’t) eat affects your body, your mind, your personality, your level of wellness – and basically everything in your life.

3) That exercise is REALLY important for a WHOLE BUNCH of reasons that maybe I will write a whole post on someday.

4) That eating a good quality source of EFAs (Essential Fatty Acids) EVERY DAY is also really important – ground flax seed is my source of choice.

5) That chronic stress is really NOT a good thing, and one of the best things we can all do is find a way to manage our own stress level.

My cooking program is equally inspiring – I have been cooking up a storm and using everyone who’s willing as test subjects – mostly my very diplomatic and loving husband. 🙂 More about that tomorrow maybe…but for now I’ll leave with one of my recipes. This is one of my favorites so far…

Kind of Spectacular “Bowl of Stuff”


  • Dry roast and steep quinoa (in lime and garam masala- infused water);
  • Braise pinto beans in a sauce of Braggs, lime juice, water and sri racha (ratio: 1:1:2:dash to taste);
  • Slice mushrooms and braise them in the same liquid;
  • Roast squash, yams, pearl onions and garlic;
  • Lightly boil corn
  • Lightly steam broccoli
  • Cut up raw orange peppers

Lay out quinoa and toss the rest of the items on top.

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