Maple Lodge Farms Exposed…Enough is Enough

Yesterday I got a copy of Saturday’s Globe and Mail and there was an insert called The Real Dirt on Farming, which is all kinds of greenwashing on how “family-oriented”, “humane” and “safe” all Canadian farms are…why pesticides and GMOs are all for our own good, and absolutely necessary – and by the way did you know that it’s “natural for hens to want to live closely together with other birds and in smaller, enclosed spaces”?! Well, this morning I woke up to a message in my inbox about an expose that was featured on W5 about Maple Lodge Farms, Canada’s BIGGEST poultry producer. One thing here doesn’t quite look like the other. You can read the story instead of watching the footage if you already know and don’t need to – this is horrifying stuff. But please share it for those who DO need to see it. The investigator from Mercy for Animals risked their life (and sanity too I’m sure!) to make sure that we know what is going on behind closed doors. This is absolute crap and it HAS TO STOP.untitled

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