Summer Solstice Cleanse Day 4: Craving Central

Do you ever wish that you could bottle energy? That’s how I was feeling yesterday – not because I had a lot of it, but the opposite. On Day 3 of the #summersolsticecleanse2015 my energy level was AMAZING and then yesterday? I’m not sure what happened. I was wishing I could have bottled Day 3 energy and saved it for Day 4. It wasn’t like I had NO energy, but it was definitely lower than on Day 3. And the cravings. Coffee, bread, cooked food – they were calling to me from the kitchen cupboards. I’m sure of it! I keep being told everyone has their up and down days, and I guess this was one of my downs. Now having done all that complaining, I’m going to show you the amazing food I ate yesterday!

Day4_morninggreendrink_smThe veggies that went into my morning green drink (which I made and took TO GO to a breakfast meeting I had…and you know as I sat there with my drink and watched everyone else eat hashbrowns and pancakes, I actually didn’t want any of it…however maybe that was what stimulating my cravings later in the day…hmmm….)

When I got home I ate a couple of peaches…yum…we don’t get many organic peaches in this neck of the woods, so this was a real treat.

ORGANIC peaches!

ORGANIC peaches!

And then around lunchtime I had a smoothie

  • huge handful of mint
  • pineapple
  • coconut water
  • frozen banana
Pineapple, banana, mint smoothie

Pineapple, banana, mint smoothie

I was craving sweet things, can you tell?! I had lots of water, and went for a 45-minute run in the afternoon, which did help to get me in a better frame of mind. And dinner was another spectacular salad:


  • 1 head lettuce
  • 1 orange
  • 1/2 orange pepper
  • 1 avocado
  • sprouts
  • pink pepper
  • flax oil/apple cider vinegar/sea salt dressing

It was pretty amazing. You know what? Even when I don’t feel like eating these things to start with, I’m really glad I have by the end of the meal. So much of this for me is changing my headspace about what is comfort food. Shouldn’t comfort food be foods that make us feel good INSIDE for hours and days after we eat them? On to Day 5!

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