Summer Solstice Cleanse Days 5 & 6: Let’s Get Raw!

Well, the last couple of days of my cleanse went swimmingly – they really did! By Day 5 I got my energy back, and my mood evened out, and on Day 6, even with a tempting trip to a local bakery for lunch with my family, I felt positively normal! I’ll tell you a little more about those days and then…how I’m moving forward from here.

Orange, apple, beet, carrot, ginger, orange pepper juice

Orange, apple, beet, carrot, ginger, orange pepper juice

My Day 5 started with a favourite – the juice above, which I won’t detail again since I’ve already talked about it in my Day 2 Post. I had yoga on the morning of Day 5 so I went to my class, which included several de-toxing poses (thanks Jessica!) and started the day off SO right. I was allowed to introduce nuts and seeds this day, so I put some into a smoothie for lunch. No pic this time, but here’s what was in it:

  • 1 cup coconut water
  • big handful alfalfa sprouts
  • 1 frozen banana
  • 2 medjool dates, pitted
  • 1 tbsp raw cacao
  • 2 tbsp raw cashews

I. Love. Chocolate. And I’ve missed it, so this was rather DIVINE! I got out a straw, and made it an event! One of the things I’ve discovered through this cleanse is how much I like coconut water. Maybe it’s an acquired taste – my nephew assures me it is 🙂 – but I have acquired it, so I sipped on that during the day to stay hydrated, along with lots of water. To be mindful of my energy I went for a long walk instead of a run, and it was a good plan. There’s really nothing quite like Powell River on a gorgeous summer’s evening. I walked along one of my favourite paths, right down by the water and through lovely trees. There was a soft wind, and I was so grateful to be out there. To me being out in nature like this is truly healing and cleansing.

Willingdon Beach

After my walk I went to the grocery store to stock up on produce (yet again!) and then stopped by my sister’s house, where she and her family were sitting down to dinner and they invited me to join them. Luckily my sister is also doing the cleanse so a great big salad was on the menu. YUM! I also ate far TOO many blueberries, which may have been why I woke up in the middle of the night BUZZING with energy. (They were REALLY good though! 🙂 )


Day 6 morning was another variation on green juice. I love starting the morning this way! I was feeling rested and energetic and light – and excited that I had made it to Day 6 and that this has been such a great experience!


But this was not just another day. I took the day off and took one of my nephews kayaking to celebrate the end of school and his exams. Juice in belly I stocked up on snacks:

snacks_smI really love the simplicity of this way of eating, and that’s one of the things I hope to keep moving forward from this experience.


A fantastic morning out in Desolation Sound! We had a late lunch at a little place called Nancy’s Bakery (and everything in there smelled SOOOOO good) but fortunately they had a large green salad with an amazing vinaigrette dressing, and once I started eating it, I was able to disengage my eyes from their amazing cinnamon buns, bread, pizzas…you know, all the stuff I REALLY don’t want to eat right now!

After a lovely afternoon swim (does this sound like vacation life or what?!), I had dinner with another friend who is also finishing up her cleanse. We made raw tacos from the #summersolsticecleanse2015 book – and it felt like SUCH a meal. There are no pictures because, well, I was so busy eating I forgot to take any. 🙂 We went for a walk and had tea, and later in the evening I made myself a treat – frozen banana ice cream with cacao nibs. Yum!


What a great way to end my first cleanse!

This was a fantastic experience, and I would recommend it to anyone as a way to kickstart yourself into healthier eating habits and reset your system. Kathy, our cleanse leader, was a fantastic resource, keeping us motivated the whole way through, and answering questions promptly and thoroughly. What I took away from this experience:

  • This made me feel really good, physically and mentally: I want to do it a couple times a year!
  • I don’t eat as much fresh produce as I thought I did, but I was happy to realize also that that wouldn’t be much of a stretch to change. First I’m going to focus on keeping up the practice of having a big salad for either lunch or dinner EVERY day.
  • I CAN give up coffee.
  • It was SO helpful (and way more fun) to do this with a couple of friends on board – thanks Tara and Kate! – and the support group online helped a lot too.
  • I am going to experiment with more raw food – the process of doing this cleanse has made that prospect seem less scary. 🙂

Thanks for following along on my journey – I hope it brings you some inspiration for good health and happiness. 🙂

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